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Pearl Harbor

Learn about the surprise Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Includes timelines, maps, eyewitness accounts, and photographs. Take a virtual tour of the USS Arizona Memorial or listen to audio of President Roosevelt’s famous speech about this “day of infamy.”


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This site includes an interactive timeline and stories of the men who were there. Once the map loads, click "Begin" in the lower right corner.
This Library of Congress site has links to primary documents and information about the attack on Pearl Harbor.
View images of Pearl Harbor before, during, and after the attack. Choose a category, then click on the thumbnails to see a larger view.
Here are journal entries from an officer in Pearl Harbor. Includes links to photographs and maps.
Learn more about Pearl Harbor by reading the eyewitness accounts of two survivors. Includes a timeline, glossary, and teacher's guide.
This student created website includes videos of eyewitness accounts, historical videos, maps, and a game.
This website includes activities and a timeline. Click on "Roosevelt's Speech" to read and listen to his declaration of war on Japan.
Read an article and brief excepts from the letters of a a naval officer stationed at pearl harbor, and see color photographs, maps, and videos of the devastation.
Here is a short multiple-choice quiz about Pearl Harbor.

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