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Chemistry: Atoms and Elements

These sites have information about atoms, atom structure, different models of atoms, elements, and the periodic table. There are also some online quizzes and a hands-on activity. There are links to eThemes resources on the properties of matter and on gases, liquids, and solids.


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Jefferson Lab provides a basic overview of an atom's structure.
See the movie, take the quiz, and explore the world of atoms. NOTE: Site available by subscription only.
A beginner's look into atoms, including "Atom Overview" and "Atom Structure."
Elements are building blocks of all matter. Visit the site and get some basic facts about them.
This site introduces atomic structure and subatomic particles to grades 6-8 students.
See a simulated spectroscope of an atom.
Learn about the parts of atoms. Explore the different topics.
Read about the structure of an atom as well as atomic weight. Click on the topic to read more. NOTE: The site contains ads.
Take an interactive quiz about atoms for grades 5-6. Click on "Online Quiz" for a ten question quiz. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Click on the elements in this interactive periodic table to find out more about them. NOTE: The site contains ads and a link to a forum.
Use paper to create a life-size model of atoms with this hands-on activity.
Click on any symbol and get more information on an element. The site has lots of games and puzzles. Print out your very own Periodic Table of the Elements.
This periodic table highlights the elements in fireworks. Click on these special elements to get further information.
Why do atoms bond together? They want to be happy! Learn what this means.
Explore Learning uses a Gizmo which allows students to build elements. "Launch Gizmo" for the free, five minutes.
This lesson plan is the first in a four part series. This lesson plan is for grades 6-8.
This PDF file is a worksheet on static electricity and atoms.
Read this lesson plan for grades 6-8.
This is a lesson plan entitled "A Matter of State." This lesson plan is for grades 6-8.
Students can use the periodic table to browse through comic book stories on the different elements.
Find out how properties of matter describe its various states. Discover the states of matter that exist on our planet and in the universe. Includes experiments with different states of matter and observing the changes as well as animated movies, lesson plans, worksheets, and online quizzes.
These sites explain and define the three stages (or phases) of matter: gas, liquid, and solid. There is also information about a fourth phase called plasmas. Includes animations of particles, videos, illustrations, and activity ideas.

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