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Native Americans: Navajo

These sites focus on Navajo Indians and their Hogan homes. The sites discuss the Navajo people, their culture, and their history.


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This Navajo page contains links to several Navajo works of literature. NOTE: This site contains sponsored ads.
This site has in-depth information about the history of the Navajo Nation and many images.
Read or listen to the story "The Five Sacred Medicines," as told by Hoskie Benally, a Dine (Navajo) spiritual leader. This site also has more information about the Navajo language, and a map.
This ThinkQuest site on the Navajo People was made by students for students. It contains information on Navajo history, dwellings, ceremonies, and territory.
Learn about the history of Navajo rugs and see examples from different periods on this website by the Navajo Rug Repair Co. NOTE: This site belongs to a commercial vendor and contains ads.
This page teaches about the Navajo hogan. On the page you will find a thorough description of the dwellings as well as a few pictures.
Information about this type of art and some real examples.

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