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Natural Disasters: Avalanches and Blizzards

These sites are about avalanches and blizzards and how they form. Also includes information about winter storms and snow. Learn about rescue dogs used in avalanches. There are photographs and videos of these natural disasters.


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This video segment is adapted from a NOVA program and highlights the story of how engineers are working to protect a town that was hit by a deadly avalanche in 1995. The video is provided by PBS Learning Media and includes support materials for classroom use.
Information about avalanche awareness such as avalanche safety, gear, danger scales, and much more.
This site has video clips of avalanches, information about the making of an avalanche documentary, the elements of a slide, and snow sense. Click on "Teacher's Guide" for a hands-on activity on creating your own avalanche.
Learn precautions to take when involved in an avalanche.
This lesson focuses on the role friction and lubricants play in avalanches and landslides. Includes: learning objectives, materials, procedures, adaptations, discussion questions, evaluation, extensions, suggested readings, links, vocabulary, and standards. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides links to resources related to avalanche education; including a glossary of terms, quiz, educational resources, international danger scales, and avalanche research. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site from Scholastic covers winter storms and includes an interactive timeline and weather maker. Read the directions in each area. Also, send a question to the weather expert.
This site includes a Q&A, facts, snow glossary, and gallery photos of blizzards.
Pictures and a description of an ice storm. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Information about how blizzards form, why they are dangerous, and facts and snowfall data about the blizzards in 1996.
Learn facts about snow, read snow folklore, see pictures of snow, and much more. NOTE: The site includes a message board.
A collection of sites describing natural disasters and various relief efforts. Provides preparation and clean-up tips and how to protect family animals. Includes games and quizzes about natural disasters. eTheme Resources on specific disasters are included.

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