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Science: Northern Lights

Learn all about the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis. Topics include space weather, solar storms, and solar wind. View numerous photographs of the northern lights taken from earth and from space. There are also photographs of the aurora australis or the southern lights. Watch videos and listen to an audio clip of a NASA engineer.


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Take this self-guided tour to learn all about the aurora borealis (northern lights). Learn why they sometimes appear green and other times are red. Also includes audio files of a NASA engineer talking about the phenomenon.
Read the daily forecast of aurora activity. The site provides a nice visual depiction of what areas will experience the northern lights on a day-to-day basis.
This site has a list of questions and answers that explain the basics of space weather. Some questions include, "What are solar flares," "How strong is solar wind," and "How do solar flares travel to Earth?"
This page gives a daily forecast of the space weather. Read about current space weather conditions, like solar wind velocity and distance, or browse the extensive archives of pictures and videos.
This Web page contains eight different pictures of what the northern lights look like from space.
This NASA Web page provides pictures and real-time looks at the sun and its solar storms. Click on "The Sun Now" to see the real-time footage.
This Web page provides tips to amateur photographers on how to catch the northern lights on film. Also includes amateur photographs of this wonderful phenomenon.
Learn the basics of the Earth's Magnetosphere and the role it plays in the beautiful light shows of the aurora borealis.
Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn how to recreate the aurora borealis in your own mouth.
Students can read this article on the northern lights. Scroll down to explore encyclopedia articles on "Weather and Climate: Terms and Concepts." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Click on "Northern Lights Slideshow" to view many photographs.
Here are more photographs of the aurora borealis.
Students can watch the interactive slide show "Gallery of Auroras."

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