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Missouri: Springs

Learn about some of the more than 2,900 springs located in Missouri. The springs include Alley Spring, Big Spring, Round Spring, Maramec Spring, and more. Find out how a spring is formed from groundwater. Includes many photographs of these natural wonders. There are links to eThemes Resources on the water cycle.


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Learn about the salt springs in Saline County. Find out what they are and what they are used for.
Read about the 20th largest spring in Missouri. Includes maps and underwater photographs.
View photographs and read a short description of Missouri's fifth largest spring.
Find out the history of Maramec Spring and the reason the spring is spelled differently than Meramec River.
Read the history of this state park. Click on "General Information" to read more.
This is an encyclopedia entry that provides a definition of a spring. NOTE: This site includes pop-up ads.
This page has a list of the twenty largest springs in the Missouri-Arkansas Ozarks. Includes snapshots and brief information about the springs.
This site has a beginner's guide to Missouri springs. Follow the links to learn about what a spring is, common asked questions about springs, spring flow facts, statewide spring distribution map, and more.
This page describes Ozark Riverways which home to many springs that rank among the world's largest. Includes profiles, location, and water flow of springs.
These sites have hands-on experiments and projects about the water cycle and water purification. Learn how to make it rain in your kitchen and how to build your own water cycle environment. There are many other activity ideas, including a script for a play. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on water cycle explanations and illustrations.
These sites explain the water cycle and include the topics of evaporation, precipitation, and condensation. Watch animated movies and view several diagrams explaining the cycle. There is a word search and a quiz. Includes links to eThemes Resources on water cycle experiments and Missouri's springs.

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