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Learn more about the state of Alaska, including the state’s history and symbols, native inhabitants and their languages, sports, food, music, and recommended books about the state. Zoom in on 360-degreee photos, watch short videos, or look through a photo gallery. Listen to audio files of the state song or traditional music, plus hear the proper pronunciation of native words. Includes links to eThemes Resources on the Iditarod, northern lights, and the Arctic.


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This ThinkQuest has information about women who made a difference in Alaska. NOTE: The guestbook postings are not moderated, so children should avoid this link.
Read about this popular sporting event that celebrates good sportsmanship in the north.
This is a map of the regions of Alaska divided up according to the native language. Click on a region for an online dictionary of the languages and other resources used to teach that language. The links at the bottom of the page offer additional information, including audio files of a word of the day.
Hear this NPR discussion on the languages of Alaska and how they might not be around much longer.
Listen to QuickTime clips of songs by this Anchorage-based group that blends traditional sounds with modern music. This is a commercial site.
Visit the land and the people of Alaska. Includes a gallery of pictures and audio and video files.
Here is information and activities about Alaska and its state symbols.
This site is about the Alaskan Natives. It includes cultural information as well as interviews with some native Alaskans. The site also includes many beautiful photographs of the Alaskan land. NOTE: Most of the links in the "Native Heritage Link" section are broken.
Learn more about Alaska from this Library of Congress site. Includes several short articles about the history and culture of Alaska.
Learn more about the Iditarod Dog Sled race in Alaska. Read about the history, teams, dogs, and much more. Some sites offer ideas for classroom activities. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on Alaska.
Learn all about the northern lights, also known as aurora borealis. Topics include space weather, solar storms, and solar wind. View numerous photos of the northern lights taken from earth and from space. Watch videos and listen to an audio clip of a NASA engineer. Try to catch a glimpse of this beautiful phenomenon by tuning into a real-time sky camera.
These sites are about the Arctic region and the inhabitants of the area. Includes photos and information about animals, plants, and people. There are games and puzzles to help you learn more about this environment. Includes eThemes Resources on Arctic explorers, polar bears, the Iditarod, Antarctica, and tundras.

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