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Geography: Rivers

These sites are about rivers and how they are formed. Topics include streams, tributaries, deltas, floodplains, and sediment. There are vocabulary words, illustrations, activity ideas, and quizzes. Includes eThemes Resources on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.


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This site by the United States Geological Survey defines rivers and streams and contains links to other Web pages on related terms and concepts, as well as a variety of activities for students including opinion surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes on water cycle topics.
Explore some of the world's rivers through interactive maps, photographs, and video presentations with National Geographic "Geography Action!". Lesson plans for several grade levels are also included. NOTE: The site contains advertisements.
On this Enchanted Learning site entitled "Introduction to Rivers" students can learn about different aspects of rivers including erosion, the water cycle, and the lengths of some of the longest rivers in the world. There are also links to a glossary, maps, and quizzes. NOTE: The site contains banner advertisements.
Learn about freshwater and marine ecosystems.
Click on "Ponds and Lakes" and then "What is an Oxbow Lake" to see a clear diagram of how they are formed.
This eThemes Resource is about the Missouri River, past and present. See maps and photographs of the river as well as animals found in and around it. Includes information on Lewis and Clark, fur traders, and transportation. Also covers the issues surrounding the river and its endangered status. Some sites regarding the issues are intended for the teachers and may be too difficult for some students.
This eThemes Resource is all about the Mississippi River, its role in Westward expansion, and its importance to Missouri. Sites include maps, photos, an audio file and Webcams.

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