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Missouri Regions: Lake of the Ozarks

This resource highlights the history and tourist attractions in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks region. Cities in this area include Columbia, Osage Beach, Jefferson City, Hermann, Lebanon, and Arrow Rock. Learn more about the lake in this region and see live images from a Webcam. Watch a 16-minute video tour of the state Capitol. Other sites of interest include caves, Ha Ha Tonka State Park, the Churchill Memorial, and more. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource that provides an overview of the different regions in Missouri. An eMINTS WebQuest about Columbia, MO is linked.


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This site includes stories about the history of the lake and the surrounding area. There are also some legends and tall tales. This is a personal page by a former history teacher. NOTE: The site does have pop-up ads.
This is a brief article about Ha Ha Tonka state park and its history.
Learn more about this popular water amusement park in central Missouri.
This is the site for a cave that sometimes serves as the site of weddings. Click on "Press Photos" for images of the cave, and "Kids Page" to learn more about how caves are formed.
This cave is located near Lake of the Ozarks. Click on "History" to learn more about how this cave was discovered.
Read a brief description about this popular theater located in Arrow Rock.
Find out more about the history of the University of Missouri, home to the world's oldest journalism school.
This page lists fun things to do in Columbia.
This is the official site for Hermann, a small German community famous for its wineries. Click on the links at the left to learn more about this quaint community.
Explore this site to learn the history of Lebanon and its attractions, such as Route 66, a barrel factory, and a speedway.
Read this article about a statue of a firefighter that was installed at Kingdom City. Includes photos.
Learn more about this famous church from England that was rebuilt in the U.S. The church also served as the site for Winston Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" speech. Click on the text link at the bottom for a virtual tour of the building's exterior.
Read about this site, then click on the link at the left for a video tour of the state Capitol. This 16-minute video shows the exterior and interior of the building (including the wall murals and sculptures) and discusses the fire that destroyed a previous building.
Learn why Jefferson City was chosen as the site of the state capital.
In this eMINTS WebQuest groups of students become advertising agencies approached by the mayor of Columbia to create a plan advertising the city to attract new residents and businesses. In their research of Columbia the students use websites, classroom materials, and surveys to collect their data. The groups may choose to present their ad campaign in a PowerPoint presentation, a Publisher brochure, or a poster gallery exhibit.

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