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Plants: Gardening

These sites offer gardening tips and planting activities for kids. Includes hands-on experiments, lesson plans, quizzes, and photographs of plants and flowers. There are links to two eThemes Resources on plants.


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Find out everything you need to know about growing your first garden. Learn about different gardening tools, how to read a seed packet, and when to start planting. The teacher's guide includes activity ideas. Click the "En Espanol" button to have the text translated into Spanish.
This site has facts about plant nutrition and gardening tips plus games and an online quiz.
This site has suggested gardening activities and information on starting a school garden.
Click on Current Photos to view photographs of the currently blooming plants and flowers at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Play this online gardening word scramble. Scroll down for more garden games. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This site includes many gardening links such as classroom gardening activities and stories, a parents primer, school greenhouse guide, and hydroponics, and more.
This extensive database lets you search for plants by common name or scientific name. This is the Plant National Database by the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Conservation Services.
This is a reading comprehension activity for younger kids. Read about Dana's garden and answer questions on the second page of this three-page PDF file.
Print out the page, color flowers, and find the way out this garden maze.
This site contains tools and resources for parents and educators to establish or expand a school garden program. Includes links to activities and other learning resources.
Students can compare native plants in different parts of the United States by exploring Web sites to learn about native vegetation in their own region, and then design gardens that use those local plants with this lesson plan activity.
These sites focus on pollination, germination, and photosynthesis in plants. There are hands-on experiments that demonstrate the characteristics of plants as well as online activities. eThemes Resources on plant species, carnivorous plants, and trees are included as well as an eMINTS WebQuest on plants.
These sites have information on different species of plants as well as their parts and functions. Includes eThemes resources on carnivorous plants, plant and animal cells, and the life cycles of plants.

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