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Space: Living

Learn how astronauts live in space. Topics include food, exercises, clothing, sleeping, etc. There are several science and math lessons about living in space, plus photographs and videos of astronauts, as well as a few interactive quizzes. You can also submit your own questions to an astronaut. Includes links to eThemes Resources on space exploration, gravity, and the International Space Station.


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This site includes an astronaut's lifestyle in the condition of weightlessness, their space suits, life in the space shuttle and the space station.
How would astronauts stay alive on long space voyages? Watch this hour-long video about the many challenges that they would face on a manned mission to Mars. The video addresses the dangers of high-speed meteoroids, extended periods of weightlessness, cosmic rays, and many other issues. Click on the green "Watch the Program" button on the right-hand side of the page to view the program. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and links to social networking sites.
The site looks back at the space food history and the introduction of various types of food.
Students can play this interactive game on spinoffs from space exploration.
This animated feature shows what life is like in the International Space Station.
This interactive site includes information about the International Space Station, life in space, and other related topics. Includes a five question quiz.
This interactive quiz game includes questions on the many aspects of living in space. Students can print certificates of completion at various stages of the game.
Send in your question about space to either the shuttle crew, the space station crew, or mission control. Be sure to browse through previous responses at the upper right.. Some responses include links to movies.
View a photograph of astronauts at the International Space Center preparing a meal together.
View a photograph of an astronaut attaching food to trays.
This educator's guide includes lesson ideas and activities for teaching students about nutrition in space.
Take a virtual experience of living in space and learn about "Space Food," "Space Wear," "Space Work," and "Space Fun." Includes some video clips about the life of astronauts.
This is an educational guide about the similarities and differences between living on Earth and living in space. It includes a link to a 10 minute video which is intended to accompany the lesson.
These online resources include vocabulary, questions, and activities about life in space. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other ads, and sponsored links.
This site is about every aspect of life in a space station.
Read or listen to information about different kinds of spacesuits. Go to Level 2 of the page to learn more. The page includes images.
Students can find "Space Food Recipes" and "Check Out Some Videos." There is a four-page PDF file, "Space Food Fact Sheet" available near the bottom of the web page.
Learn how astronauts sleep in zero gravity. Includes audio and video files of several shuttle mission crews.
Learn here how astronauts exercise in space.
Learn about problems and long-term effects on astronauts' health when living in space. NOTE: The site includes banner ads, pop-up ads, and other sponsored links.
In this eThemes Resource learn about space exploration and the various technologies that have made this possible. Learn about satellites, space stations, and spacecrafts. See photographs and video clips of various launches.
These sites explain how the earth's gravity works. Includes photos, simulations, videos, hands-on activities, and online quizzes.
Learn how astronauts and cosmonauts live in space on the International Space Station.

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