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Sports and Science

These sites focus on the role that science plays in sports. Learn how principles of physics, math, biomechanics and sports nutrition relate to sports such as baseball, cycling, bowling, tennis, skateboarding, and more. Includes diagrams, interactive quizzes, and videos.


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This site explains the science behind the game of baseball. Includes interactive games, videos, and simulations.
Read about how science can help improve your bowling skills. Topics include physics, biomechanics, nutrition, and psychology.
Learn about science related to the sport of cycling. Read about the wheel, aerodynamics, drives and gears, frames and materials, and braking and steering. Includes a timeline and an interactive calculation form.
This ThinkQuest looks at how math and physics play a role in the game of basketball. To begin the adventure, click on Roadmap.
Read articles about science and sports. Topics include hydration, sports psychology, and sports nutrition.
Read about the increasing role science is playing in the Olympics. Specifically, read how science is fundamentally changing the sports of high jumping and cycling.
This site looks at the science behind skateboarding. Learn the physics at work when skateboarders perform amazing tricks. Also, watch a video of skateboarders in action or listen to a physicist explain the skating tricks.
Read about the science that goes into the Winter Olympics. Topics include sports nutrition, physics and biomechanics, and physiology and psychology.
This page explains the science that makes a ball bounce. Includes pictures and simple explanations.
Learn the science that goes into playing the game of Hockey. Students can watch videos or learn from the pros the difference between a slap shot, wrist shot, and one-timer.
This page has a list of commonly asked questions and answers about the field of sport science. Find out why your body hurts after a day of physical activity.
Read about the most important piece of sports equipment - your feet. Learn about the parts of the foot, the role it plays in exercise, and tips on how to prevent common injuries.

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