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Weather: Hurricanes

These sites are all about hurricanes. Watch videos on how they form and see photos that show a hurricane’s aftermath. Also, learn how to track a hurricane and tips on how to prepare for this dangerous weather. Includes weather maps, hurricane simulations, and lesson plans. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on Natural Disasters: Relief Efforts.


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This site from NASA's Classroom of the Future requires students to think through a problem involving the threat of a hurricane. Students are given a scenario, background information about hurricanes, and the methods for solving the problem.
A detailed explanation of the parts of a hurricane. Includes pictures and map images. Click "Next Page" to read more. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This FEMA site designed for children has information about hurricanes. There are games, a quiz, and other activities located inside the menu at left.
This site is designed specifically for children to tell them about storms, tracking, and survivors.
Take a quiz about hurricanes. "Experiments" has activity ideas.
Learn about the five categories of hurricanes and what the categories mean from the National Hurricane Center.
Read about hurricanes, their hazards, and forecasting. Included are colorful graphs and pictures.
This lesson plan is based on why people complain about the weather.
This is a demonstration on how wetlands may reduce a hurricane's intensity.
Learn about hurricanes from interactive simulation covering topics such as what are hurricanes, what causes hurricanes, characteristics of hurricanes, effects of hurricanes, and how hurricanes are predicted. Includes create your own simulation, maps, and case studies.
Watch animations of Gustav and learn how it is structured. You can also view other storm images in 2008.
Watch a film about the deadly hurricane in 1938. Includes a transcript, timeline, accounts from survivors, footage, and explanation on how a hurricane develops.
In this lesson, students will learn about the role of technology in identifying and tracking hurricanes.
Students will learn about the structure of a hurricane by watching a video and do a simulation.
A collection of sites describing natural disasters and various relief efforts. Provides preparation and clean-up tips and how to protect family animals. Includes games and quizzes about natural disasters. eThemes Resources on specific disasters are included.

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