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Back-to-School Activities

These sites feature class activities for starting off the school year. There are several icebreaker games along with activities and bulletin board ideas. Sites also include templates, checklists, and games for the beginning teachers as well as teachers just looking for new ideas.


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This site contains collection of bulletin board ideas, what to do before school starts, and in-class activities on the beginning of school for teachers.
Follow links on the site to read tips and suggestions for teachers about how to prepare for the new school year and the first day of school. This includes a lot of information for beginning teachers.
More ideas with class activities for the beginning of school.
More ideas for icebreakers and get to know you activities in the classroom.
This page has many tips for the first day of school as well as the first few weeks. Included are also a name game and suggestions for care packages for students and their parents.
Students write or type a letter to themselves and then read them on the last day of school. NOTE: There are pop-up ads on this site.
This site from Kids' Domain has craft ideas, printable sheets, online games, clipart, and online stories about school. NOTE: The site includes a pop-up ad.
This site has ideas and activities for making students feel welcome and comfortable. Also includes suggestions for getting organized, parent communication, open house, and bulletin boards. NOTE: The site includes forums and pop-up ads.
In this activity, students have to talk about themselves until they run out of string.
This PDF file has questions students can ask one another during an interview.
The "Getting to Know You" activity can help kids learn about each other and discover their similarities and differences.
This site has several board games for elementary age students in several content areas.. Click on the "Back 2 School" link at the left (or select the same link in the drop down menu at the top) for directions and a printable board.
Find here many helpful links to school clip art, calendar templates, back to school poetry, and an icebreaker activity.
Play this game during the first days of the new school year to help classmates learn each others names.
Print out this one page PDF and give it to students to write about their favorite book, animal, movie, sport and more.
Use this one page PDF for student interviews to help them get to know each other better. This is a good form for younger age students.



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