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Book Week Celebrations

These sites offer fun ideas for celebrating National Children’s Book Week. Suggestions include having guest speakers, read-ins, character dress-up days, poetry festivals, and writing contests. There are links to eThemes Resources on book activities, story elements, and dioramas.


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This site has suggestions for a reading day at school. Includes information about the official Read In! program.
This site has teacher's suggestions about ways to get kids excited about reading.
This site has links to many different lesson plans that encourage students to write and read.
Read about literature circles and how they can encourage reading. Some of the links on near the bottom are broken.
Read about the history of National Children's Book Week. Also includes lesson plan ideas and a sample letter to parents.
These hands-on activities can be used to supplement almost any book. Includes class activities to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary.
This resource includes information and hands-on activities about story elements such as setting, characterization, and plot. Also includes activitites about sequencing and cause and effect.
Learn how to make dioramas using shoeboxes. These sites include instructions and pictures that you can print out and use. The scenes include dinosaurs, oceans, forests, wetlands, castles, and more.

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