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Literature Awards: Michael L. Printz 2005

Find out which books won the 2005 Michael L. Printz award. The award is given by the American Library Association to books for young adults that exemplify literary excellence. Includes author information, activities, and excerpts from the books. There are links to eThemes on other book awards for young adult novels.


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Find out which books were award winners for 2005. Explore the links to find out how the award book is chosen and who Michael L. Printz was.
Read the press release announcing the award and honor books for 2005.
View this award-winning book trailer with students to promote "How I Live Now".
Find biographical information, news about upcoming books, video interview with the author and more. Note: An author's blog is on this site.
Educator's will find a downloadable teaching guide with discussion questions.
Here is chapter one from the honor book "Chandra's Secrets" by Allan Stratton.
Learn about the honor book "Airborn." Explore the links to learn more about the book, read an excerpt, and learn about the imaginary airships. Teacher's guide to "Airborn" is available to download.
Click on "Audiobook Excerpt" to hear a five-minute excerpt from the book. An interview with the author and teaching guide for "Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy" are provided.
View this book trailer to promote the novel, "Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy".
These sites are about the Gateway Readers Award Nominees for 2004-2005. This is a contest where Missouri students in grades 9-12 vote on their favorite book. The sites include biographies of the authors, book discussion guides, lesson plans, reviews, and excerpts. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Utah's Beehive Awards.
Here is information about the nominees for Utah's Beehive Literature Awards for young adults. Young adults in Utah nominated their favorite books for this award. There are biographies of the authors, lesson plans, excerpts, and reviews of the books. Includes a link to Missouri's Gateway Readers Award.

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