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Literature: "The Pinballs" by Betsy Byars

These sites are about “The Pinballs” by Betsy Byars. Includes biographies on the author, book summaries, discussion questions, suggested activities, and quizzes. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Betsy Byars’ book “Trouble River”.


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This site provides information to learn more about the author Betsy Byars. There are photos and an autobiography of the author. Includes writing tips and a list of author's books with descriptions about the plots and comments from the author.
This is another site that provides more information about the author's life and writings.
This page has discussion questions and activities that can be used in class.
These resources include suggested activities for the book and biographies on author Betsy Byars. There is also information about the book's themes of pioneer life and rafting.

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