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Native Americans: Mound Builders

These sites are about ancient mounds built by a group of Native Americans referred to as Mound Builders. The tribes include the Mississippi, Hopewell, and Adena. View photographs of these mounds and find out how and why they were built. Includes a link to the eThemes Resource on the Mississippians and the Cahokia Mounds.


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This learning unit on American Indians explores stereotypes of native americans and contributions they have made to American Culture; including the myth of the moundbuilders.
This 33 page guide to the Moundbuilders includes: theme introduction, origins,native knowledge, community, governance, the Game of Chunkey, resource list, standards correlations, and learning activities.
This lesson on America's Prehistoric Civilizations focuses on the Mound Builders; includes: an introduction; early native americans; poverty point;Woodland Mound Builders;and Missippi Mound Builders.
Read about the Mississippi tribe whose members built large mounds.
Learn more about the mound builders. Click on "Mound Types" to find out the differences between mounds. This site focuses on the Adena and Hopewell tribes.
This National Park Service site has a lot of information about mounds and includes a map of some located in Mississipi. Click on the links at the bottom to find out how the mounds were built and how they have been preserved.
This site has a short article about mounds and the people who built them.
Click on the images to view two sketches showing mounds in Ohio.
This is an article about the mounds that the settlers encountered.
These sites are about the pre-Columbian group of Native Americans known as the Mississippians and the Cahokia Mounds. Includes links to interactive sites such as Project Arch-ae-o, an interactive map, videos, lesson plans, and more. Also includes links to two eThemes Resources: "Native Americans: Mound Builders" and "Native Americans: Origins".

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