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Space: Universe

These sites have information about the universe, the Milky Way, and other galaxies. Learn about the different types of galaxies. View photographs taken from space, listen to audio files of experts, and play interactive games.


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This site has photographs of galaxies and gobular clusters.
Take a galaxy tour starting with the Milky Way and then go beyond to discover what else is in the universe. In each section, there are audio clips of experts answering questions.
Learn about the types of galaxies from this student-created site. Click the link at the bottom to continue to the next page.
Learn more about the universe and galaxies. Explore the links called "Tour the Universe" and "How Big is the Universe." Click on "Spin a Sprial Galaxy" to manipulate virtual images.
This site has illustrations about what our universe looks like. You can zoom in on the graphics. This site lets students visualize the size of our universe.
Read this encyclopedia entry about galaxies. The reading level is for older students.
This site for kids has many fun online activities that help them learn concepts about space. Use the links at the bottom to go to a new section.
This site helps students understand the enormous size of the universe. Click on the links to find out what makes up the universe.
Explore the links to learn more about the galaxies and other matter in our universe. Level 1 is written for younger students, and Level 2 is for older students.
Choose from the three topics to play games that help you learn about the galaxies in the universe.
Learn about galaxies and galactic clusters. View photographs and diagrams.

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