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Learn how to identify various species of trees from their leaves. Many sites focus on Missouri trees. Also find out why leaves change color in the fall. Includes a leaf cam, online games, handouts, art activities and other lessons relating to trees. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Arbor Day.


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This site explains why leaves changes color and why they fall off branches in autumn.
This is an online exercise that helps you identify leaves step-by-step. First decide if it's a coniferous or deciduous tree, then choose the type of branch it has, then look at the leaf illustrations for identification.
Use the arrow to scroll through the pages and see pictures of different types of trees.
This page is perfect for students trying to identify different types of leaves in Missouri. There is an illustration of a leaf with the tree name listed below.
The Missouri Department of Conservation offers tips on how to preserve fall leaves.
Scroll down and click on a tree species to learn more about it. The main page lists the key for the symbols.
This article is about sassafras trees in the Missouri Ozarks and includes a recipe for making sassafras tea.
This page has instructions for making prints from leaves. Includes three book titles about trees.
This multimedia site provides an overview about trees. This is a good introduction for younger students.
Learn more about Missouri trees. Click on "Large Shade Trees" for photographs and information about each species.
Scroll through this list on this 12-page PDF file and find out if any Missouri state champion trees are located in your area. Use the link at the top to learn what it takes to be a champion tree.
This site has a variety of activities and worksheets about trees, including word searches, Venn diagrams, and a book pattern.
This animation shows the important parts of a tree and how it functions.
In this classroom activity students can observe, measure, and sort tree leaves.
Descriptions and pictures to help identify trees by leaf, fruit, or name. Nicely organized site that's easy to use.
These sites offer ideas and activities for celebrating Arbor Day. Includes information on the history of Arbor Day, plus interactive games, online puzzles, and hands-on crafts. Also includes general information about trees and the products that come from them. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on trees.
These websites are about the earth's seasons and why they occur. There are animations, worksheets, interactive quizzes, and lesson plans. One site allows you to send seasonal e-Cards to your friends. Includes links to eThemes Resources on winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

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