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These sites are about Vikings and their history, voyages, and ships. Take an interactive tour of a Viking village, participate in an online Viking voyage, and learn how to write your name using Viking symbols. Includes lesson plans and activity ideas. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on barbarian invasions.


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Click on "Viking Voyage" to take a fun, interactive voyage of North Atlantic. There interactive maps, animations, video clips, and more. Requires Flash, Quicktime 4, and Cult3D. There are links at the bottom if you need to download these plug-ins.
This site includes information on who the Vikings were, where they came from, where they traveled, and the heritage they left behind. The reading level and content is geared to younger elementary students. There are links to four worksheets at the bottom.
This twenty-five page PDF file has ideas for a unit on vikings for third-graders that lasts for 15 days.
This is a seventeen-page PDF file with ideas for a unit on Vikings for third-graders. Activities include making a Viking doll and learning about Viking food.
This site has useful facts, illustrations, a timeline, and printable pages about vikings. Click on "Activities" for some fun games. Also includes resources for teachers. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Type in your name at the top to see it rewritten in Runes, which are symbols used by the Vikings. You can also learn the meaning of each of the letters in the Viking alphabet and read about the history of the Norse writing system.
Learn about the construction and sailing secrets of Viking ships.
Take a virtual tour of a typical Viking village. There are six scenes to explore. Requires QuickTime or RealPlayer.
This is an interview with Dr. William Fitzhugh, curator of a new Viking exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution. Find out his thoughts about the Norsemen and their impact on Europe.
Click on the map to learn more about the travels of the Vikings.
This is a print-out activity to find out how things have changed between the time period of Vikings and today. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
In this activity, students have to choose which object they would include in a museum display about Vikings. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Read about Viking explorer Eric the Red. He was the first European in Greenland. Includes a map. Follow the link to read about his son, Leif Ericsson.
This interactive game has students make many choices to guide the Vikings on a journey. Wait for the game to load, then use the arrow button to begin. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Here is an interactive game in which students "walk" through a Viking house and choose which items are out of place. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
This site has a timeline and brief history of the Viking colonization of Greenland and Iceland, and also information about their settlement in Newfoundland, Canada. Explore the links at the top of the page to find maps and photographs.
These sites are about the Barbarian invasions in the 4th through 6th centuries and include information on Germanic tribes, the Huns, and the Mongols. View many maps showing the routes of the invasions. Also includes timelines, a video, and some activity ideas.

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