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Writing: Alliteration, Idioms, and Hyperbole

Learn how to use different types of figurative language to improve your descriptive writing. Includes definitions and many classroom activity ideas for each topic. There are links to eThemes Resources on personification, and similes and metaphors.


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Read this story that has many idioms relating to feet, then take the quiz to see if you know what they mean.
Four activities to choose from: matching, concentration, word search, or flashcards. Requires Java.
Idioms are listed alphabetically. Includes meanings and examples. NOTE: There is a link to a chat room.
This page has a brief explanation of onomatopoeia. Click on the three links at the bottom to practice your skills on identifying metaphors, similies, etc.
This lesson plan includes a list of tongue twisters that use alliteration.
This lesson focuses on idioms and includes a list of idioms with room for students to write the meanings. The students are also encouraged to illustrate the idioms.
Read through the simple directions and learn six alliteration games. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a message board.
This page offers some ideas for classroom activities focusing on onomatopoeia.
This page has a definition of hyperbole as well as an activity.
Play this online hangman game that has students identify what type of figure of speech is being used.
In this activity, students write their own hyperboles and then illustrate their favorite one.
In this activity, students illustrate and write a comic strip using onomatopoeia.
These sites explain how to use similes and metaphors to improve your writing. There are many examples plus interactive quizzes and classroom activity ideas.
These sites explain how to use personification to improve your writing. Includes definitions, numerous examples, and exercises that can be printed.

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