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Human Body: Five Senses

These sites cover the five senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Includes information about the different body organs that our senses use and animals and their unique senses. There are class activity ideas and an online game about the senses. Includes link to an eThemes Resource on disability awareness.


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Complete lesson plans for each of the five senses with a literature, mathematical, and science activity component are given. Spanish translations for activities are provided.
Use this activity to engage students in introducing the concept of five senses of the human body.
Involve students in learning about the five senses of the human body with this Smartboard lesson.
An interactive sound game from PBS Kids plays like hangman with sounds.
Engage students with this "smelly" activity to see how well their noses detect odors. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Find information on the eye, tongue, skin, ears, and nose through short videos, interactive quizzes, and articles. Discover additional links by entering sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing in the search box.
Try out these experiments utilizing the five senses.
Students use sensory language to write shape poems. After listening to "Flicker Flash", students analyze shape poetry with a peer and create their own shape poem.
Students becomes "Senses" detectives to discover which senses they use to collect information.
Students match sounds to objects in an interactive hearing game. Twelve easily replicable activities involving hearing are also provided.
Make a kazoo to carry out an experiment involving sound from NASA Sci Files.
This site contains activity ideas that can be used in the classroom to teach about our senses.
Learn about the ear and its parts.
Read about the eye and its many functions.
Learn about the tongue and all that it does. Go to the second page by clicking on "Next Page" to read about taste buds.
Read about the senses that different animals have. Notice how they are different from our senses.
Tim and Moby tell about our ears and hearing. NOTE: Subscription required.
Tim and Moby explain the sense of taste in humans. NOTE: Subscription required.
Learn with Tim and Moby about our sense of smell. NOTE: Subscription required.
Tim and Moby talk about vision and our ability to see things with our eyes. NOTE: Subscription required.
These sites for grades 3-5 are about different types of disabilities and answer common questions children have. Learn how visual and hearing impaired people use Braille and American Sign Language. Also covers how the law protects people with disabilities.

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