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Animals: Wolves

Learn about the three species of wolves and find out how they differ from other animals in the canine family. Listen to their howls, learn what their different postures mean, and view illustrations of their tracks. Also, read about the controversy over reintroducing wolves into national parks.


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Listen to audio files of wolves howling (the QuickTime link works the best). Read about the reintroduction of wolves in the United States and take the quiz to find out how dogs and wolves differ. NOTE: The recommended sites under resources are not specifically geared toward children. Teachers should preview them first before sharing.
This webpage shows where wolves are located in the United States.
This pdf offers safety tips for how to avoid wild wolves.
Explore the links for lesson plans, field notes, and answers from experts.
This is a fact sheet about Mexican wolves, a species that has been reintroduced into the United States.
This page shows illustrations of tracks made by a red fox, a wolf, and a coyote.
Follow these links for lesson plans and information on how to order a traveling trunk. There is also a page showing the differences between the skulls of a fox, wolf, and coyote. Click on the tabs on the side for activities in different subject areas.
This site has wolf lingo and illustrations of different tail and body postures of wolves.
Read about the Arctic wolf and print out the illustration for coloring.
Read about the red wolf and print out the illustration for coloring.
Read about the gray wolf and print out the illustration for coloring.
This is an encyclopedia entry about wolves.
This site has answers to common questions about wolves and explains the different species and subspecies.
These articles and activities are geared especially for children.
Read a brief description and see an illustration of an Arctic wolf.

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