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Literature: "Trumpet of the Swan" by E.B. White

These sites are about the book “Trumpet of the Swan” and author E.B. White. Learn about these endangered animals, listen to audio files of their distinct call, and read the history behind Boston’s swan boats. Includes activity ideas, graphic organizers, online games, and a board game that can be printed out. There are links eThemes Resource on other books by E.B. White.


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Read about a trumpeter swan that enjoyed contact with humans and had a sweet tooth.
Explore this site to learn more about this zoo, which Louis visited. "New at the Zoo" has videos, "At the Zoo" has facts about animals, and "Kids Corner" has coloring pages and games.
This site has audio files of trumpeter swans so you can hear their call. There is also a good description of trumpeter, tundra and mute swans and how these species differ.
Read about trumpeter swans. There is an address where students can send in their questions about swans to the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.
A teacher has written several "think alouds" to go along with this book.
Read a letter that E.B. White wrote to children in which he discusses his books. Also includes biographical information about the author.
This site is about the wildlife refuge that is featured in the book. Includes a map and photographs.
This Canadian site has brief information about this bird.
Learn the history behind the beautiful swan boats in Boston. Use the link at the left to read about the public garden.
This is a form that students can use to keep a diary like Sam.
Print out this graphic organizer to use with the book.
Use this form to write an acrostic poem about the book.
Print out these bookmarks to use with the book.
Use this form to write adjectives about the character Sam.
Take a survey in your class to find out who the favorite character is and then graph the results.
These websites are about the book "Charlotte's Web" and author E.B. White. There are lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes, and student webpages. One website includes letters that students wrote to the characters in the book. There is also information about pigs. Includes links to eTheme resources on spiders, farm animals, friendship in literature, and other books by E.B. White.
The sites are about the book "Stuart Little" by E.B. White and include book reviews, author biographies, study guides, suggested activities, and online quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resources on mice, story elements, and graphic organizers.

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