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Food: Organic Food

These sites provide basic information about organic food. Find out what organic is, how to make organic food, and how organic foods differ from conventional food. Includes information about the benefits of organic food, the organic approval process, and more. There is a link to eThemes Resources on Agriculture: Farming Today.


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Kids, parents, and teachers can learn how to plan and eat healthy meals. Online games, recipes, and lesson plans linked to CCSS are provided.
Watch this video with students to understand what organic food means and why food is labeled organic.
Find out more about pesticides on produce and vegetables and how to eat safely.
This guide will help determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and thus are the most important to buy organic.
This site provides information about organic foods and products. Follow the links to learn about organic, organic facts and myths, reasons to go organic, FAQs, organic label guide, and more.
Use a menu on the left to navigate the site. The topics include organic labeling, benefits of going organic, certified organic, effects on global warming, organic recipes, and more.
A one-page pdf fact sheet lists reasons to buy organic.
Read seven tips for buying organic foods.
This student created site provides information on organic basics and organic farming. Includes interviews, diary, and games.
This page has classroom activities and coloring pages that go along with organic theme.
These sites contain information about farming today. Learn about modern day techniques such as crop rotation, organic farming, and hydroponics. Play a game, get an idea for a science fair project, or see farm equipment that is used by farmers. Two eThemes resources on Dairy Farming and Farm Animals are included.

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