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Animals: Siberian Tigers

Learn about the Siberian tiger, the largest of the wild cats. Includes basic facts about this endangered animals’ unusual coloring, behavior, habitat, and diet. There are video clips, photographs, and an online game, plus a link to eThemes Resources on tigers and white tigers.


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This site includes information about Siberian tigers.
Read facts about the Siberian tiger. Includes a labeled illustration.
Read this encyclopedia entry about tigers, including the subspecies of Siberian tigers.
Read about what one zoo is doing to help save the Siberian Tiger. Includes tiger facts and photos.
Learn how big white tigers can get and where they live. Find out how many white tigers exist and what threats they might face.
Take a quiz or complete a crossword puzzle about Siberian Tigers. This site provides a wide range of tiger facts and resources including their history, why they are endangered, and ways to help protect the species.
This site covers reasons why tigers are endangered, tiger conservation efforts and what can be done to help, tiger natural habitat and distribution, and tiger and cat biology. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on endangered animals.
Learn about white tigers, which are a special type of animal belonging to the Bengal tiger species. Find out what causes their unique coloring and why they are not considered to be albino. There are many photographs and links to eThemes Resources on tigers and Siberian tigers.

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