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These sites cover many aspects of chocolate, including the history of chocolate, cacao plantations, how chocolate is made and why many people crave chocolate. Also includes a virtual tour of a chocolate factory as well as photos, illustrations, interactive games and audio and video files. Includes the eThemes resources for the book, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl.


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This site includes information on the harvesting of cacao beans and the production of chocolate. Includes photographs and videos. NOTE: The country pages that this site links to have been moved, but they can be accessed by re-routed links on the original destination pages.
A good explanation complete with photos showing how the cocoa bean is used to make chocolate. Click to the second page for a table describing the different types of chocolate. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Click on "Learn" and then "What is Chocolate?" to learn more about how chocolate candy is made and distributed. Select Virtual Factory Tour, Making Chocolate Blocks, and Making Easter Eggs to learn about chocolate making process. An interactive game lets you design your own candy bar.
A simple science lesson using cocoa mix to demonstrate the movement of molecules.
An illustrated story about chocolate that includes information about chocolate cravings and how chocolate affects the nervous system.
This extensive site on chocolate includes real audio and video. Topics include where cocoa is grown, a video tour of a chocolate factory, health issues relating to chocolate and an activity for kids.
Learn how many beans are in a pod and see a map of where cacao grows. "Cultural Connection" tells about the Mayans and how they used chocolate.
Identify the candybar from the picture and click on it to see if you are right. Click "see more candybars" for more pictures.
Click "Video tour" to watch a chocolate making process in Hershey factory.
These sites have suggested activities for the book, plus many interactive games and quizzes. Also read about author Roald Dahl. View photos, listen to sound files, and read song lyrics from the movie based on the book. Also has links to eThemes resources on Chocolate, Character Education, and Inventions.

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