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Country: Brazil

These sites are about the South American country of Brazil. Learn about its culture, history, language, geography, animals, and the Amazon. There are first-hand reports about what it’s like to be a child growing up in Brazil. Includes maps, photographs, audio files of Brazilian music, and live images from Webcams. Includes eThemes resources on the South American continent.


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This site has a map of Brazil plus information about the country's geography, people, government, economy, and more.
This page has background information on Brazil plus a photo and brief biography of its president. There is also a map of the country and an image of the Brazilian flag.
This travel site has a detailed map to the right of the screen that you can click on to enlarge. There is also a lot of factual information about the country's attractions, culture, history, currency, and more. NOTE: This site contains banner ads and a message board.
This page has a word search that uses all the countries of South America. You can print the page out or complete the puzzle on the SMARTboard.
This site has lots of factual information about Brazil, including its geography, history, population, economy, security, and more. This is a good site for conducting research. NOTE: Reading level is for older students.
This site includes audio files of Brazilian music, plus a "Kids Corner" that is specifically for children.
This is a color map of Brazil with the cities and rivers labeled.
Print out this map of Brazil and color it in.
Print out this Brazilian flag and color it in.
Use this worksheet to help organize a report on a country.
Here is an additional form to help organize a report on a country.
Look here for facts about Brazil, printouts, and a quiz.
PBS site about various aspects of the Amazon and the complexities involved with saving the rainforests. "Play Amazon Explorer" takes you on a journey through the Amazon to answer questions.
This is a timeline of important events that happened in Brazil. The links at the top and bottom provide specific timelines by category.
This extensive site about the rainforest shows you where they are, how much rain they get, who lives there, and how they make a living. In "Ecotourism Simulation Game" you are the leader of a Native Indian tribe in the Amazon rainforest. You must make decisions about the economic growth of your community and its impact on your environment and native culture.
This page has lots of information about Brazilian customs, favorite places in Brazil, food, music, and folklore. Includes some photographs. NOTE: This site contains a banner ad.
These sites focus on South America and its history, geography, culture, government, food, and indigenous people. Included are several eThemes resources on individual South American countries.

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