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Country: Iraq

Learn more about Iraq and its geography, people, and culture. Includes the latest news reports on the current conflict, plus information about Saddam Hussein. There are maps, pictures, video clips, lesson plans, and online news sites for kids. Included are two eThemes resources about the Iraq War.


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This site has maps, lesson plans, and news articles about Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This CIA site has many facts about Iraq's population, geography, climate, natural resources, and more. Includes a map.
On this site you can download various maps of Iraq and the surrounding area.
This is a documentary about the fate of 8,ooo Kurdish men and boys who disappeared during the early years of Saddam Hussein's rule. Read about the crimes that Hussein was accused of, his trial, or watch the complete program online. NOTE: This site contains a message board.
This news story for older students has information about the situation of Iraqii Kurds, the country's largest ethnic minority, and the Kurdish city of Kirkuk, a northern city that controls some of the country's biggest oilfields. Includes a video interview with the Kirkuk chief of police.
Learn about Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi leader, and how he ruled his country. Includes photographs.
This site for older students includes many stories about Iraq from 2002, plus Saddam Hussein's family tree. There is also a video.
Read about life in Iraq and the relationship between the U.S. and Iraq. There are also student activities, news stories, and an interactive quiz on Iraq. This is a good site for younger readers.
Read the latest news about Iraq. Use the links on the left to read more and for activities.
Read about the historical context of current conflicts in Iraq, including Britian's relationship with Iraq. NOTE: The "Communicate" link at the top leads to message boards.
This site uses graphics and charts to represent what life is like in Iraq.
Here is an index of stories and pictures that depict daily life in Iraq.
You can print out this outline map of Iraq.
Read this encyclopedia entry about Iraq. Use the links at the bottom to learn more.
This is an online almanac for kids that includes lots of information about Iraq.
These sites are about Iraq and the war in Iraq. Movies, audio files, editorials, and maps, are provided. Included are eThemes resources on Iraq and helping students understand the war in Iraq.
These sites have tips to help educators answer students' questions about the war with Iraq. Includes information about identifying students who are upset and advice on how to help them cope. There are activities to prompt students to discuss their feelings. Other sites let students post their artwork online or send a message to troops. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Iraq.



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