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Grammar: Parts of Speech: Adverbs

These websites include descriptions and examples of using adverbs in sentences. Includes interactive games and quizzes. There is a link to an eThemes resource on an overview of the parts of speech.


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This website provides links to interactive adverb practice for students; includes videos explaining the purpose of adverbs.
This interactive game provides the opportunity for students to practice identifying and using adverbs.
This site provides resources for teaching students about adverbs; including links to interactive activities.
This site provides an interactive game for practicing adjectives and adverbs ending in –ly. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Text explanation of adverbs and adjectives with comparisons and examples.
Lots of examples with some graphics to help.
Learn about adverbs and see examples of adverbs.
This website includes an interactive pop quiz on adverbs.
Choose the link and learn more about adverbs.
Learn more about adverbs. Then click on "Go Here" for a short quiz.
Use this one page PDF file to practice using adverbs. Look at the picture and then complete the sentences.
Here is a printable worksheet on adverbs.
Find the adverbs in this printable word search.
Identify the adverbs in this fun game.
Play this fun battleship game to test your knowledge of adverbs.
This one page PDF file is a printable worksheet on adverbs.
These websites give an overview of the eight parts of speech. There is a short film, a slideshow, worksheets, and interactive activities. There are links to eThemes resources on each of the eight parts of speech and diagramming sentences.

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