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Health: Smoking Dangers for Elementary

These sites explain the negative consequences of smoking. Includes how tobacco endangers your health and the high costs of cigarettes. There is information about Kick Butts Day, which takes place March 25. Includes movies, illustrations, lesson plans, and classroom activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on drug prevention tips and smoking dangers for upper grades.


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This article explores this issue of kids and smoking; topics include: facts about tobacco, attraction for kids, prevention tips, what to watch for, getting through to kids, and if you smoke.
This blog from MD Anderson provides tips on talking to kids about tobacco and alcohol.
This 11-page PDF provides information about the impact of secondhand smoke on individual health.
This site provides resources for teaching children about the affects of smoking in age appropriate ways. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This 4-page PDF provides suggestions and research-based resources for schools to help students stay tobacco-free.
This site explains Kick Butts Day. There are worksheets of anti-smoking activities for students under the "Activities" link. NOTE: Some require a fee.
Choose a state and view tobacco settlement reports.
This site about smoking was made for kids and has facts as well as the ingredients of a cigarette. Includes a video and a quiz.
These articles have colorful illustrations to help teach students the harmful effects of smoking.
This article discusses the dangers of smoking and the reason some kids smoke. There are also some suggestions about how to help your friends quit smoking.
Scroll down for interactive activities. Take a smoking quiz and calculate the costs of smoking. Includes the top 10 reasons to quit smoking. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Find out what smoking can do to your teeth and mouth.
This fun page includes interactive games and information to help you understand why smoking is harmful.
These sites explain the effects of different types of drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, heroin, and cocaine. Learn tips for saying "no" to drugs and the dangers of using these addictive substances. Includes online quizzes, games, and movies.
These websites are about the dangers of smoking. Find out the harmful effects of smoking and how you can quit smoking if you have already started. Some websites include interactive activities and games. There is a link to an eThemes resource on drug prevention tips.

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