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Helping Students Understand the War in Iraq

These sites have tips to help educators answer students’ questions about the war with Iraq. Includes information about identifying students who are upset and advice on how to help them cope. There are activities to prompt students to discuss their feelings. Other sites let students post their artwork online or send a message to troops. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Iraq.


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This site explains how to use the book "Playing War" to teach children about war. Includes: a heads up, resources, adult resources, a list of children's books the explore aspects of war, kids activities and issues, and book discussion questions.
This articles deals with talking to students about the war with Iraq; including: how kids react to news about war, what details to share, how to deal when students know someone directly involved, what kids worry most about, how to talk to kids about using fighting to solve problems, how to reassure children, how to deal with children's worries and concerns, letting children watch television, and how to know if your child is having trouble.
This article deals with talking to kids about terrorism or acts of war; including how children react to news about war or terrorism, how to tell what children are thinking, how to talk to children about it, letting children watch television or read about terrorism, sharing your opinion about children, how to reassure a child, and what to do if they know someone in the area of conflict or terrorism.
This site helps educators create safe, caring, and equitable schools so that that all young people can succeed in school and life.
This site includes a list of links for helping to teach children about war. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site offers tips for helping elementary students cope with war and build resilience. The tips can be downloaded as a PDF.
Mister Rodgers offers tips for helping children feel safe. Click on "Helping Children with Scary News." The video "Looking for the Helpers" offers a positive message for students.
This site lets students change the features on the face as a way to express their emotions.
This six-page PDF file explains how to identify children who may be suffering from stress and how to facilitate classroom discussions about the war.
This site includes lesson plans about the war, including one that focuses on the media. There are also tips for teachers to handle controversial discussions in the classroom.
Learn more about Iraq and its geography, people, and culture. Includes the latest news reports for kids on the current conflict, plus information about Saddam Hussein. There are maps, pictures, video clips, and lesson plans.



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