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Historic Documents: Declaration of Independence

Read Thomas Jefferson’s drafts and final version of the Declaration of Independence and see an image of the original document. Includes biographies on the signers, plus paintings that depict the scene. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the Revolutionary War where you can learn about the events that led up to the signing.


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Read the official text from the document and see a list of people who signed it from each of the new states.
This site has a timeline of the events in 1777 relating to the drafting of the document. Click on "Objects in Exhibition" to see images of two documents written by Jefferson. NOTE: The site leads to websites with discussion boards. (forums, message boards, etc.)
Read about Thomas Jefferson and the important document he wrote. Includes images.
Read short biographies about the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Some text may be difficult for younger readers. NOTE: The site leads to websites with discussion boards. (forums, message boards, etc.)
Watch this movie that explains why the Declaration of Independence was written and why it was important.
Click on the different subjects and people to find out more about them. Click on the video link to hear some of his inspiring words read aloud.
See a photo of the actual document. Click on "read transcript" to read it.
Read about the declaration from the point of view of Thomas Jefferson. Click on "Graff House" on the left to see a picture of where Jefferson wrote the declaration.
This site has short biographies of all 56 delegates who signed the Declaration of Independence. NOTE: The site has a link to a guestbook.
These sites are about the Revolutionary War and the various causes. The reading level is for middle school students. Includes paintings and examples of political cartoons from the Revolutionary period to the present. There is interactive role-playing and other games.
This eThemes Resource focuses on the major events leading up to the American Revolution. The reading level is for elementary students. Learn about the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, Proclamation of 1763, and more. Includes timelines, maps, and games. An eThemes Resource on biographies of people involved in the Revolutionary War is attached as well as the middle school resource on the war.

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