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Missouri: Interstate 70

These sites focus on Missouri’s stretch of Interstate 70 and the poor road condition and traffic congestion problems. There are sites about the history of the interstate 70 and interstate, and how it was built. There are statistics on traffic fatalities, accidents, and maps of highways in each state. Includes games on highway safety. Many of these sites cover the debate surrounding Missouri’s I-70 problems and are meant to serve as background information for teachers.


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Read this article to find out how Missouri roads were like before the interstate system.
Learn about the history of the Interstate 70 and read quotes of people saying how it was liked before I-70. Includes trivia and quiz, interesting facts, photo album, and more.
Learn about Rex Whitton one of people who had contribution on the construction of Interstate 70.
This gives an overview of the problems with Interstate 70 and some proposed solutions.
This site provides information on the past and current studies of I-70 between Independence and St. Louis. These studies explored condition of I-70 and implemented strategies to improve the transportation of I-70. Click on "Looking for local information?" to find information about each section of I-70 in term of traffic demands and communities in the area.
Read this article about problems with funding transportation in Missouri. Scroll to the middle of the story from statistics about Missouri. This article also talks about the need to improve Interstate 70.
You can find maps in pdf format detailing the amount of traffic using the state system of roads in Missouri. Includes maps of past years from 2000 - 2006.
This site has a U.S. map showing all the interstates. Click on it to see the map enlarged. Scroll to the bottom and click on a state's name to see a map highlighting highways in that state.
These pdf reports have lots of charts and graphs documenting Missouri traffic accidents from 1999-2006.
What if Missouri charged a toll like Kansas does for using the Interstate? Calculate the different fares according to your vehicle.
Read this report that documents 40 years of our interstate highway system. Learn about the impact on the economy, safety, quality of life and national defense. This site provides solid background information.
Read a short biography about the "Father of the Interstate."
Read how "Intelligent Highways" work. Technology is being used to make traffic flow better. This article is written for kids and includes illustrations. Note: This site includes ads.

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