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Grammar: Paragraphs

These sites have tips and examples on how to write good paragraphs. Includes graphic organizers to help students write down topic, detail, and concluding sentences. There are classroom activities and online writing exercises. Includes links to eThemes Resources on sentences and writing prompts.


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This student-created site has a simple and clear explanation of what a good paragraph includes.
This activity includes specific directions for writing an interesting descriptive paragraph.
Students can learn about parts of a paragraph, types of paragraphs, and how to write them.
Learn about paragraph development and how to avoid irrelevant details.
This website explains how to write a paragraph. There is a link to a printable handout on writing paragraphs.
This graphic organizer prompts students to write topic and concluding sentences, plus other sentences with supporting details.
This lesson plan has students write a five-paragraph essay about animals.
This handout prompts students to fill in the blanks to create paragraphs that compare and contrast.
These sites explain the different types of sentences. Includes examples of interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. Also learn about run-on, compound, and complex sentences. Discover which punctuation ends certain types of sentences. Includes many online games and quizzes.
These sites have a variety of writing prompts to help students develop stories. Includes some handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

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