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Animals: Missouri Lizards

These sites are about Missouri’s 13 species of lizards. Includes information on the eastern collared lizard, five-lined skink, racerunner, western slender glass lizard, and more. Learn about the physical characteristics, food, reproduction, habitat, and behavior of each species. Includes several photographs.


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This site is about the 13 species of lizards living in Missouri. Includes photographs and information about where they live, what they eat, etc. Also tells where the lizards are in the food chain. Click on "Next Page" to learn about each type of lizard.
This page has detailed information about the six-lined racerunner's physical characteristics, food habit, and behavior.
Learn about five-lined skinks' behavior, parental caring, and antipredation.
This site has detailed information about five-lined skinks' physical characteristics, habitat, and reproduction. Click "Pictures" to view the juvenile skink with blue tail.
Click on "Key to Similar Species" to learn the differences between different types of lizards.
Read about the importance of glades to the Eastern collared lizard. Scroll down for a story about meeting a lizard.
This page has lots of information about the eastern collared lizard and its physical characteristics, diet, behavior, and reproduction.
See photos of lizards from around the world. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.

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