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Author Study: Eric Carle

This is a collection of sites about author and illustrator Eric Carle. Includes several biographies and interviews that discuss his personal and professional life. Learn about the different techniques Carle uses in his illustrations. There are suggested activities for exploring his books and artwork.


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This is the official site of Eric Carle. It includes biography information, upcoming events, book lists, and answers to FAQs.
From ReadWriteThink comes this lesson plan to celebrate the technique of Eric Carle. Additional links and extension activities are given.
Use this listing from NEA for lesson plans using various Eric Carle books.
Carle answers several questions about his artwork and writing in this interview. There are also art, science, math, and writing activities ideas.
This nation-wide project involved students graphing their favorite books by Eric Carle. Learn about the project and the results.
This multimedia site introduces the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Includes Carle's discussion with other illustrators, an interview with Carle, and various illustrations from picture books. There is a link to the museum site.
Here are art activities for students to explore different are techniques used by Eric Carle. Note: This site contains advertising.
The lesson plan has students explore various watercolor techniques. Students will then create their own collages.
The lesson plan leads students to visit the home page of the author and learn more about this noted illustrator. Students will also write what they learned about the author. Note: This site contains advertising.

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