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Country: El Salvador

These sites are about El Salvador, a country in Central America. Learn about the country’s history, wildlife, and geography. There are also links to information about Hispanic culture, including timelines and famous Hispanic Americans.


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This site for kids includes an interactive timeline, biographies of famous people of Hispanic heritage, and a concentration game.
This university site explains Hispanic family values, etiquette, rituals, celebrations, and more. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
Click on "Slide Show" to learn about the Hispanic population in the United States. Includes pie charts and bar graphs.
This is a timeline of important events from 1492 to 2000.
Scroll down for a list of recommended books relating to the Hispanic culture for elementary students.
Explore these links for printable pages about the Spanish language.
This is an encyclopedia entry about El Salvador. Includes information about land and people, economy, government, and history. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This almanac entry for kids has facts about the country and an image of the flag. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This site has facts about El Salvador, plus a map.
The site has a flag of El Salvador.
Try to label El Salvador on this map of Central America.
Learn about the second largest city in El Salvador - Santa Ana. Read about the city's history and the country highest volcano. Click on "Photo Gallery" link and view photographs of Santa Ana's popular places.

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