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Decade: 1970-1979

Learn about the major world and national events of the 1970s by scrolling through several timelines. There are also sites about popular culture during this time period. Topics include TV shows, pop music, fashion, dancing, and hippies. Includes many photographs and primary documents. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Richard Nixon.


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This site has a list of the top news stories from every year of the 1970s. Topics range from news on the Vietnam War protestors to entertainment highlights of the year. Includes links to other decades.
This lesson plan has students create a PowerPoint presentation on a previous decade. Includes a rubric that teachers can print out.
See a simple timeline that highlights major events from the 1970s.
Read a brief history of the Vietnam War. Includes a timeline, descriptions of the warplanes used, and more. The text is for older readers. NOTE: There is a link to a discussion forum.
This site has an extensive timeline of the Vietnam War divided chronologically into four sections. There is also a slideshow of photographs from the war.
View a map of the world that shows the political systems of the different countries in the 1970s. You can click on some of the continents for more information. Scroll down for a brief history of world politics in the 1970s. The text is written for older students.
This student-created site focuses on the fashions of the '70s. Click on "70fe," "70ma," and "70sh" for text and pictures.
This brochure from 1970 warns parents of signs that indicate that their children might become hippies. Includes advice on how parents can "cure" their hippie children. NOTE: The site includes a flashing banner ad.
This site has images of TV sets in the 1950s. Check out the links to electronic color televisions and remote controls. Click on "Stats- Facts" for graphs.
Read a 1975 article from Rolling Stone magazine that describes the allure of disco dancing. Includes a list of some of the top disco albums from that year. NOTE: The site includes a banner ad.
In a 1975 poll, readers of the magazine Creem list their favorite bands, songs, and more. NOTE: The site includes a flashing banner ad.
This page features highlights major events in sports in the 70s, including Title IX.
Browse this listing of the most popular boy and girl names from the 1970s.
Learn what styles of clothing were popular during different decades.
Read a brief summary of the main events in the 1970s.
Read a few highlights from the pop music world.
These sites are about Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th president of the United States. Includes timelines, biographies, video and audio clips, and primary documents. See the birthplace and burial site of Nixon. There is also information about the Watergate scandal, Nixon's resignation as president, and his pardon from President Ford. View photographs of President Nixon and Elvis Presley. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on U.S. Presidents.

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