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Math: Circle Graphs/Pie Charts

These sites include interactive games, activities, and simulations of circle graphs/pie charts. Also includes some basic data that can be analyzed and some scoring rubrics.


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This site teaches the basic concept of pie charts with four examples.
Construct different circle graphs. Note: If the page cannot be loaded appropriately, please copy the URL below, type it into your Web address, and then press "Enter." This page will create a graph from the numbers you enter.
Students can learn about line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, and pictograms.
In this game, first try to get the appropriate frequency according to different data and then try to pick appropriate chart for each group of data. Fun for the Smartboard. NOTE: The Talk link at the top of the page leads to message boards.
This is an interactive pie chart that allows you to manipulate the sliders to change how the graph looks.
Learn to analyze data using circle graphs and try to create circle graphs according to different groups of data.
Here is a Health/Math lesson plan that teaches kids how to read a pie chart. Includes reflections of teachers who used the lesson plan in their classes.
Test your skills of reading pie charts.
These sites have statistics and information that students can use to create graphs. The sites include sports statistics, lengths of rivers, temperatures, and more. There are links to eThemes Resources on different types of graphs.
These sites include examples of different types of graphs such as bar, line, and pictographs. Many of the sites are interactive and demonstrate how graphing works. Also includes several hands-on activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on circle graphs and statistics to graph.

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