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Native Americans: Sitting Bull

These sites are about Sitting Bull, the famous leader of the Sioux. Learn about his famous battle with General Custer. Includes biographies, photographs, and a brief overview of the Sioux tribe. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Plain Indians.


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Use this lesson to assist student understanding of The Battle of Little Big Horn or Greasy Grass. Students will learn from primary sources about which side accurately protrays what happened.
This page features a biography of Sitting Bull. There are also links to detailed information of important events and people in his life.
Read the story about how Sitting Bull tried to protect the sacred Black Hills. Includes a photograph.
Read about Sitting Bull, a Sioux who defeated Custer. Includes famous quotes from him.
Read about the Battle of Little Big Horn and learn how Sitting Bull tried to fight against Custers troops to protect his home land.
Learn about the leader of the Sioux, Sitting Bull.
Learn more about the native Sioux tribe, including their food, lifestyle, religion, etc.
These sites are about the lifestyle of the Plains Indians. Topics include food, shelter, clothing, religion, and crafts. There is also information about buffalo. Includes several video and audio files and interactive quizzes.

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