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These sites have blank timelines that you can print out and fill in with your own information. There are also activity ideas and several examples of timelines on topics such as the history of toys and important events in the solar system.


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Print out two sheets that you can use to create timelines. Includes a sample timeline about George Washington.
This printable blank timeline is arranged vertically.
This site features an interactive generator that will create two types of timelines. Students enter dates and events and receive a finished time line. NOTE: There are flashing banner ads and several side-bar ads on this page.
Print out this sheet and answer the questions about your life, then mark the events on the timeline.
Students can print this sheet and fill in events to make their own timeline.
This lesson has each student write major history events on sheets of paper and then recommends hanging them in order in the classroom.
Here's a lesson that has ideas for teaching students about timelines with links to some examples.
This is a brief timeline highlighting the life of Eleanor Roosevelt. Includes photographs.
This site has two interactive timelines based on the history lessons included in the site. Students can arrange the illustrated figures into the correct chronology; answers are provided at the end of the lesson.
This classroom activity has students create a timeline and suggests books that are about some major events.
Click on "Timeline: The Robotic Exploration of Space" to see an interactive timeline. Includes photographs and highlights the major events in space exploration and the solar system.

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