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U.S. Armed Forces

This resource has sites on the U.S. military branches. Learn about the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. Topics include the history, ranking, uniforms, medals, equipment, and Armed Forces Day. There are online games, photographs, and multimedia clips. An eThemes Resource on Military Aircraft is linked.


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This ThinkQuest tells about the armed forces. Learn about the history, organization, basic training, and flight training. Includes information on different planes and missiles. NOTE: Open the speaker to hear the voice instructions on each page.
Here is a brief look at the statistic of U.S. military situation, including branches, military manpower, and military expenditures.
This ThinkQuest site provides a good introduction to the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. There are illustrations of various ribbons, awards, and the uniforms of each branch.
Students can play online games and view images of Army soldiers and equipment.
The online encyclopedia briefly explains the structure of the United States Department of Defense. Includes information about the creation and history of these branches.
This table shows the ranks of soldiers in the different branches of the military.
There are downloadable resources for kids including desktops, paper models, and coloring pages about the Coast Guard.
This encyclopedia article briefly tells the history of U.S. Department of Air Force.
Click "Dates in Naval History" and then "Wars and Conflicts of the U.S. Navy" to read about the Navy in different periods of U.S. history. There is also information on the birthday of the Navy, nautical phrases, and uniforms.
Read about the history of Armed Forces Day in the U.S. where the Army, Navy, and Air Force are celebrated. Included quotes from several presidents on the importance of this holiday.
These sites are about military aviation. Most sites are media-rich and include images and videos of different aircraft.

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