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U.S. President: Jimmy Carter

Learn more about former president Jimmy Carter and how his experiences during the Great Depression influenced his views. Includes biographies, timelines, photographs, videos, and more. Read about his Nobel Peace Prize and take a virtual tour of his boyhood home. There is a link to eThemes Resource on U.S. Presidents.


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Explore the lives of former president Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. Includes a link to photographs.
Learn about the achievements of the 39th president from the White House's official site.
Look through the Carter family photo album and view a timeline of this former president's life. Select "Special Features" for videos and "People and Events" to learn about what happened during Carter's presidency. Includes transcripts for three of Carter's best-known speeches and several classroom activities under the "Teacher's Guide" link.
This article includes seven interview questions answered by Jimmy Carter. Find out why he pursued a career in public service, what his greatest achievements were, and his advice on how to be a peacemaker.
This government lesson plan from Discovery has students analyze the presidents' inaugural addresses.
Read about the Nobel Peace Prize 2002 winner, Jimmy Carter. Click on "Press Release," "Presentation Speech," "Nobel Lecture," and "Nobel Diploma" to learn more.
This site includes an in-depth interview with Carter conducted in 1991 with historical pictures and videos.
This site has information about a non-profit group managed by Carter in his post-presidency years.
These sites are about the presidents of the United States. Includes biographies of these men and their wives. There is also information on election trivia, debates, and inaugural speeches. There are also online games. An eThemes Resource on the executive branch is linked.

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