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U.S. President: Richard M. Nixon

These sites are about Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th president of the United States. Includes timelines, biographies, video and audio clips, and primary documents. See the birthplace and burial site of Nixon. There is also information about the Watergate scandal, Nixon’s resignation as president, and his pardon from President Ford. View photographs of President Nixon and Elvis Presley. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on U.S. Presidents.


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This biography is about the 37th president. Learn about his work in government and his eventual resignation from the presidency.
View photographs taken by Fred J. Maroon during Nixon's time as president. Chose "Enter Exhibit" to begin, then navigate using the links on the left.
View these photographs of the burial site of Richard Nixon at his Yorba Linda childhood home. Click on the images to see a larger version.
Here you can view Richard Nixon's public papers and written messages. Chose a year and then a month to browse these primary documents. NOTE: "The Research Center" section includes links to many external Web sites that teachers should double-check before sharing with students.
Read about Elvis Presley and his visit with President Nixon. Includes information about the meeting, documents, and photographs of this event.
This site contains photographs of different Nixon campaign materials.
Learn about the Watergate scandal in this interactive timeline. Click on a link in the timeline to read about that event. Includes some multimedia clips of these events.
These sites are about the presidents of the United States. Includes biographies of these men and their wives. There is also information on election trivia, debates, and inaugural speeches. Try the online quizzes and games. An eThemes Resource on the executive branch is included.

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