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Wildlife Conservation

These sites focus on wildlife conservation. Learn how to help conserve rare, threatened, and endangered species and their habitats as well as promote conservation awareness in a community. Also understand the effect of animal’s extinction on nature and human. Includes a lesson plan and activities. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on Animals: Endangered Species.


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This comprehensive reference of the birds of North America includes information of over 700 different species. NOTE: Subscription required.
This site includes webumentary video clips featuring information offering expertise on a variety of wildlife issues.
This site includes biophysical descriptions and maps of the ecoregions and subregions of the United States.
This site includes floral biodiversity information.
Site highlights featured species, programs, live animal cams, "Creature of the week", pet guides, and animal news.
Take your students to the zoo without setting foot outside your classroom.
This is the longest running public service campaign in US History. Learn more about the history of the campaign, the "real" Smokey Bear, and Smokey's unique place in American culture.
Read this article to understand the effect of animal's extinction on nature and human.
Learn why you should create wildlife habitats.
This page has tips and information on how to create and maintain certified wildlife habitats in pdf format.
In this lesson plan, students will research information online and examine the intended and unintended consequences of human environmental intervention on crane population.
Learn about various animals that researchers have followed and collected data about them. Includes animals' habitats, foods, videos, and more.
These sites have descriptions of endangered species and include explanations for why certain animals are in peril. There are graphic organizers and Venn diagrams. Includes links to many eThemes Resources on habitats and specific endangered animals, such as lemurs, cheetahs, chimpanzees, tigers, and more.

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