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World War II: Guadalcanal

These sites for older students explain about the Battle of Guadalcanal. Read first-hand accounts from American and Japanese soldiers. Learn about the naval and air defenses and read about the history of this battle. Includes maps, timelines, and photographs. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on World War II.


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Read a description of the events and tactics of the Battle of Guadalcanal presented by the U.S. Army Center of Military History.
Learn more about the Battle of Guadalcanal, read the journal of one man's experiences, explore the map, watch video clips of the battle, and check out pictures taken at Guadalcanal.
Read a first-person account from an American Marine at the Battle of Guadalcanal. Includes photographs of Guadalcanal, Japanese memorabilia, and an essay on the history of Guadalcanal. NOTE: This site has links to commercial sites and an unmoderated guestbook.
This is a Japanese veteran's diary of the Battle of Guadalcanal. The site includes photographs and descriptions of the battles and daily life in the Japanese military.
Read a poem by a noncommissioned officer Yoshida Kashichi about the retreat from Guadalcanal. Click on the audio link to listen. Use the two links at the bottom for more transcripts and audio clips.
This site provides detailed descriptions of naval tactics and battles, and Japanese and American ships and weaponry. Also includes maps, further reading suggestions, and images of the battles.
Here is a collection of photographs from the Naval Historical Center. The site features images of the battles, aircraft, ships, and personnel.
Learn about the five Sullivan brothers killed aboard the USS Juneau during the Battle of Guadalcanal. Click on the first "Sullivan Brothers" link for biographies and photographs of the brothers and a link to the Naval policy on family service.
These sites cover the events of World War II (1939-1945). There are several first-hand accounts in text and audio from people involved in the war effort. Other topics include life on the homefront, the role of women, and the type of airplanes and weapons used. Includes biographies, letters, images, posters, video, and audio clips.

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