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Elections for Elementary Students

These sites for younger students explain how primaries, caucuses, and general elections work. Find out the reason why people vote and learn how a single vote can make a difference. There are links to eThemes Resources on the executive branch, U.S. presidents, and citizenship.


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This site for students has information about the elections of presidents, senators, and representatives. There are sections for students ages 4-8, 9-13 and 14+.
This site for students in sixth through eighth grade has information about the elections of presidents, senators, and representatives.
This site tells how a candidate for president is chosen, how voting works, and the importance of an electoral college.
Play these online games to test your knowledge of election terms.
Find out all the steps it takes for a president to get elected. This includes a discussion of caucuses and primaries.
Here is a lesson plan that helps students understand how voting can affect them. There are links to two interactive PBS games about voting and elections.
This site explains the importance of a single vote. This interactive site also lets you make a future voter's card.
Explore this site to learn about the different ways that government affects our lives.
Find out how the president of the United States gets elected. This site was created by elementary school students.
This student-created site explains how a person is elected president Also learn abou the duites of the president.
Learn about the executive branch of the United States Government. Topics include the American president, the presidential cabinet, executive agencies, and presidential history. Includes audio of radio addresses and virtual tours of the White House. Also has information on Camp David and Air Force One.
These sites are about the rights and responsibilities of members of society. Includes ideas for getting children involved in their communities and for understanding their rights.
These sites include biographies of the presidents of the United States and their wives. Includes information about election trivia, debates, and inaugural addresses, plus some online games.

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