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Literature: "The Wanderer" by Sharon Creech

These sites are about the book “The Wanderer” and author Sharon Creech. Includes excerpts, reviews, and lesson plans for the book. There is also information about the Atlantic Ocean, sailing, and journal writing. There are links to eThemes Resources on oceans and the Mark Twain Award Nominees 2002-2003.


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This site has several lesson ideas for the book.
Here are discussion questions to go with the book. NOTE: The questions contain spoilers, so make sure you have read the book first.
Here are some discussion questions for the book. Click on "Author's Note" to read what Sharon Creech has to say about the book.
Visit this author's official site. Find out what inspired her to write "Wanderer." There is an address to write to her in "Meet Sharon."
Read what other students have to say about the book.
Learn about sailing on the ocean. Includes sections on the basics of sailing, the safety of sailing, and the language of sailing.
Read about the Atlantic Ocean on this student-created site. Includes sections on animals, plants, and shipwrecks.
These sites are about the oceans of the world. Topics include habitats, tides, currents, temperatures, depths, and more. There are many photos and videos. Includes links to eThemes Resources on ocean animals and continents.
These sites are about the Mark Twain Award nominees for 2002-2003. Includes biographies on the authors and information about their books, plus some book reviews.

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